Rite Lite LPL700RC 12 LED Under Cabinet Light with Remote - Grey

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The right source of light can make all the difference--from bringing forgotten spaces out from the shadows to changing the ambiance in a room. With this LPL700RC under-cabinet light from Rite Lite, it's a snap to add extra illumination to anywhere in need of brightening. Use the light under a kitchen cabinet for task light when chopping veggies for dinner or to showcase a child's much-anticipated birthday cake. It's also useful under a bathroom cabinet or in a closet, tool box, or china hutch — or even on a boat or to take along when camping.This under cabinet light has twelve super bright white LEDs — three independent light heads with four LEDs in each head. Each light head swivels independently for ideal light positioning. Easy one-touch ON/OFF switch with dim setting.The LPL700RC also includes a wireless remote control, which can be used from anywhere in the room to turn the lights on. The remote comes with a mounting bracket that can be mounted on a wall as a "light switch." Each light and remote are battery operated (batteries not included), so no wires or installation are required. It includes hook-and-loop tape and a hard mount bracket, the latter of which slides off easily for easy battery replacement.
  • 3 Light Heads contain 4 LED's each
  • On/Off Dimmer Operation
  • Light heads pivot independently to direct light right where you need it
DESCRIPTION: Rite Lite LPL700RC 12 LED Under Cabinet Light with Remote - Grey
CATEGORY: Home & Garden
UPC: 810747010169
DIMENSIONS: 2.00" x 6.50" x 14.00"
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