UMAID Pure Natural Himalayan Sea Lamp

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With Pink Salt Massage Crystals in a Modern Acrylic Basket Salt Lamp 2 Bulbs, UL-Approved Accurate Dimmer Cord. In brown reshipper box. STUNNING LIGHT DISPLAY FROM HIMALAYAN GLOW NIGHTLIGHT - Each pink salt crystal inside this Himalayan pink salt lamp, has small pores in their own unique pattern, color, and shape. As the light shines through each chunk of salt, it refracts and scatters creating a sparkling and magical glow. The transparent basket with bubbled walls only adds to the hypnotizing, dappled lighting effects • Supreme Quality PMMA(also know as Acrylic) Basin Design: It resists shrinkage and wrinkles, moths, oil, chemicals. The Craft basin showcases the natural beauty of the salt rock • Our high accuracy dimmer control allows you to set the intensity of the glow. Dim the switch to the lowest setting when preparing for sleep, doing yoga or to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere in your home. • Soothing and Calming Lamp: Illuminate your room with a warm, pleasant and relaxing amber glow. It's a perfect choice in the center of a coffee table, desk. Elegant addition to meditation and yoga spaces. Also, you can try it as a bedside lamp
DESCRIPTION: UMAID Pure Natural Himalayan Sea Lamp
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