LeDoux Water Filter Pitcher Green

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LeDoux Water Filter Pitcher Green LeDoux Waters 10-Cup BPA FREE Water Filter Pitcher with LCD Timer Feature & 1 Advanced Filter included, is the best choice in making the purest drinking water for a healthier body and better living. Ledoux Water pitcher is equipped with an LCD timer technology that indicates the appropriate time to replace your filter to ensure the highest water quality. Ledoux Waters filters use advanced technology which joins coconut-based activated carbon with ion exchange resin to reduce metals like copper, cadmium, mercury, zinc and reducing chrome taste and odour. The special pour through transparent lens makes it super easy to fill the pitcher. Just turn on the tap and hold the pitcher under it. The water flow opens the transparent lens and it closes automatically when the reservoir is full. Our exceptional cutting-edge filtration system & sleek design has made us one of the top selling water filter pitchers of 2016. Another good news, one Ledoux Waters advanced filter can replace up to 310 standard plastic water bottles! Change your Ledoux water filter every 159ls or every two months for great tasting water. Drink Healthy, Drink Ledoux Waters.
DESCRIPTION: LeDoux Water Filter Pitcher Green
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