Copper Chef X-Design BBQ Pan 12"X12" - Mail Order

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Copper Chef X-Design BBQ Pan 12"X12" - Mail Order Here’s How You Can Cook The Most Mouth-Watering BBQ Steaks & Burgers Even If You Don’t Have A Backyard! Looking for a premium BBQ grill pan for all those rainy winter days? Need a durable and easy-toclean barbecue pan for your football nights? Want to dazzle your loved ones with a practical housewarming gift? Introducing The CopperChef Ultimate Square BBQ Grill Pan For Professionally Grill-Marked Steaks! When it comes to bbq roasting pans that will give your favorite rib-eye steaks those distinct X-pattern grill marks you don’t have to waste a small fortune. The CopperChef BBQ pan is here to help you cook the most delicious steaks, veggies, fish and barbecued chicken at the comfort of your own kitchen – without having to worry about the weather, propane or charcoal anymore! Why Choose The CopperChef BBQ Grill Pan? Non-Stick Cerami-Tech Coating – will prevent food from sticking and make cleanup 100% fuss-free! Ideal Size For Indoor Use – fire up a few burgers or grill your favorite steak with zero effort. Cook Healthier Meals – you don’t have to add extra butter or oil thanks to the non-stick coating! Say No To Fat – the deep ridges will help drain excess grease, fat and liquids from your food. X Marks The Steak – your meat will have that unique char-grilled BBQ taste and perfect grill marks. And That’s Not All! Our barbecue sauce pan comes with a matching cleaning brush, which will take all the fuss out of cleaning your barbecue roast pan and help you save your precious effort and time! The Perfect Gift For Every BBQ Enthusiast! We all have one friend or relative who cannot live without his/her BBQ steaks. Now you can spoil your loved ones by offering them the CopperChef BBQ square pan! Don’t Hesitate! Click “Add To Cart” NOW & Get Your BBQ Pan Now!
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DESCRIPTION: Copper Chef X-Design BBQ Pan 12"X12" - Mail Order
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