Portable Breezy Air Cooler

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Portable Breezy Air Cooler Add Water to Polar Breeze and enjoy refreshing cool air. This portable air cooler will suck in hot air from its surroundings and dispense cool air. What's more - you can carry it with you anywhere in an effortless and convenient way, so that you are never too far from cool air. This compact, eco-friendly personal air cooler fan, pulls warm air from the room, and through an evaporative water filter, it cools the area around you. Simply fill with water, plug it into the USB port or power bank, and enjoy it! It runs up to 8 hours per fill! The compact and lightweight personal air conditioner portable is easy to carry and storage and fits discreetly in most spaces. The whisper-quiet fan and soothing night light make it perfect to use throughout the night for a comfortable sleep. At Home, In-Office, At the kitchen, Camping tents Enjoy the cool and refreshing breeze in your leisure time, sleeping or working time in summer.​
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DESCRIPTION: Portable Breezy Air Cooler
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