Matchbox GWM23 Fire Rescue Hauler Playse

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Matchbox GWM23 Fire Rescue Hauler Playse The Matchbox Fire Rescue Hauler is a fire-truck themed hauler that stores cars and accessories and inspires epic storytelling for the hero within! ​The fire truck hauler can hold up to 16 vehicles (sold separately) and has a detachable trailer, quick-car-release tilting deck, and flip-down ramp for easy and fast car unloading and access. ​There’s a designated storage cabin storage beneath the trailer to hold the various accessories, keeping everything together in one convenient package. No loose – or lost – pieces to worry about! ​The 8 fire-related accessories inspire creative push-around play that’s grounded in realism. Kids drive the thrilling adventures in fire-themed scenarios. ​The fire truck hauler is an awesome gift for kids 3 years old and up.
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DESCRIPTION: Matchbox GWM23 Fire Rescue Hauler Playse
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