Copper Oven Liner 2 pk

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Copper Oven Liner 2 pk Keeps bottom of oven clean, no dripping messes; Cut & trim for custom fit in oven or toaster oven; Non-stick surface is smooth -foods slide off; Withstands heat up to 500 degrees f for baking; Prevents need for oven cleaner & scrubbing; Easy to wipe clean, or put in the dishwasher; Versatile, can be used as a cooking sheet; Cook fish, meats, a roast, chicken, turkey dinner; Cook vegetables, casseroles, breads, baked goods; Bake dessert, pie, cakes, cookies, snacks; For grilling on barbecue grill, keeps grates clean; Take to park for clean surface on public grill; Food safe, PFOA-free; Durable, reuse many times; Thin, flexible, nonstick material; Heat resistant up to 500 degrees f; Dishwasher safe;
DESCRIPTION: Copper Oven Liner 2 pk
CATEGORY: Home & Garden
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