Magna Screen

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When the weather is warm, there's nothing better than letting fresh air into your home. The problem is, along with the fresh air, bugs and other unwelcome visitors come in too. But now there is a solution. It's MagnaScreenTM - a new type of screen door that lets the fresh air in while keeping unwelcome visitors out, opens easily and closes itself behind you like magic!
Every time your hands are full, or company's coming or the dog needs to go out, or the kids are playing outside and want a drink, you'll be thrilled with your MagnaScreenTM. High traffic areas are perfect for MagnaScreenTM! The secret is a row of sturdy magnets on each panel that open easily but snap back together automatically so bugs stay outside! And Wow! Nothing is faster or easier to install than MagnaScreenTM. No nails, screws or tools needed - just attach the tabs, position over your doorframe and enjoy the warm outdoors and a bug-free home!

MagnaScreen is also ideal for your vacation home, camper and RV. So don't let bugs and high air conditioning bills ruin your summer fun. 
SKU: H-03339
UPC: 67472033394
DIMENSIONS: 2.00" x 7.12" x 10.87"
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