Prepmaster Food Processor (11 piece set)

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Create all your favorite dishes and appetizers with this amazing kitchen tool. The 11 pc. Prepmaster Food Processor is your all-in-one culinary solution for chopping, grating, slicing, mixing, shredding, whipping and blending needs. Interchangeable parts quickly attach for various tasks while saving space and providing easy clean up. Set Includes: Mixing Bowl, Crank Handle, Mixing Bowl Lid, Lid Attachment, Blade Attachment, Mixing Attachment, Egg Separator, Safety Holder, Slicing Attachment, Julienne Attachment and Spout Cap. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS
  • Prepare delicious meals in half the time with the 11 pc. Prepmaster Food Processor all-in-one kitchen system.
  • Complete 11-piece set chops, grates, slices, shreds, mixes, beats, whips, blends, and juliennes all with one easy-to-use accessory.
  • Cuts up to 20-times faster than an ordinary knife
  • Ideal for vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, onions, cucumbers and more.
  • Shreds cheese, separates egg whites, ideal for salsa, garden salads, fresh cut fries and more.
  • Chopping Blades - Ideal for chopping and dicing all of your favorite vegetables for salsa, soup and many more recipes.
  • Mixer Paddles - Great for mixing batter, blending liquids, whipping cream, scrambling eggs and other mixing tasks.
  • Julienne Attachment - Make home-made fresh-cut French fries, julienne vegetables for salads, healthy vegetable snacks.
  • Slicing Blade - Slice cheeses, potatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplant as well as many other fruits and vegetables.
  • Egg Separator - Easily separate egg yolks and whites for baking recipes or making breakfast for special diet requirements.
  • Safety Holder - Safely keep your fingers away from sharp cutting blades with this special holder.
  • Always use the food processor on a flat, dry surface.
  • Use extreme caution when using or cleaning sharp blades and metal parts.
  • Always clean thoroughly by hand after each use.  This product is not dishwasher safe.
  • Do not alter or transform this product or its accessories in any way.  Failure to use this product in the intended fashion could result in personal injury or injury to others
  • Hand-Crank Lid and Mixing/Chopping Attachments:  The main lid is what you will use for all of your chopping and mixing needs using one of the bowl attachments.  Insert one of the attachments onto the circle nub in the middle of the bowl with the long shaft portion facing up.  Place the lid onto the top of the mixing bowl and twist clock-wise to lock it into place.  Crank the handle in a circular motion to quickly chop and mix foods
  • Slicer/Julienne Attachment:  Choose from one of the two flat lid attachments (slicer or julienne/shredded) and snap it into place.  The flat lid attachment features small teeth that line up with the lid and snap into place.  Attach the lid with the flat attachment onto the mixing bowl.  Take the food you want to slice or shred and place it above the lid attachment.  Hold the bowl handle with one hand for stability and firmly press against the attachment with the food to shred.
  • Safety Attachment:  Use the Safety Holder when slicing or shredding to protect your hand from accidental cuts.  Take the food in which you wish to use and place below the safety holder.  Push the holder handle down so that the metal prongs stick in to the food.  Shred as normal using the desired lid attachment.  As the food piece gets smaller the handle can be adjusted accordingly.
  • Egg Separator:  Crack the egg and place contents into the Egg Separator lid attachment.  The yolk will be held on top while the egg white drips into the bowl.
 CLEANING INSTRUCTIONSAlways wash by hand.  This product is not dishwasher safe.  Use extreme caution when cleaning blades.
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