4pc Gardening Tool Set

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The 4 Piece Garden Tool Set is a great addition to your gardening needs. It has a trowel which helps you do small jobs like transplanting, digging holes, and mixing soil. It has a Gardening Fork With its piercing tines, a garden fork or spading fork can help get into the soil a lot easier than a garden spade. The Fork is especially useful when we are working with compacted or rocky soil. We have a three Tine Tilling for your till needs. If you need some tilling done, aerating or soil amending when you are stuck in tight spaces such as beds or between plantings and need a tool that’s up to the task. And another trans planter for your transplanting needs.
SKU: GA-03193
DESCRIPTION: 4pc Gardening Tool Set
CATEGORY: Home & Garden
UPC: 67472031932
DIMENSIONS: 1.87" x 13.75" x 11.75"
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