15" Jumbo Baking Stone Set

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Home Innovations 15” Jumbo Baking Stone Set is the perfect pizza set for making delicious at home pizza time and time again! The three (3) piece set includes: Jumbo 15” ceramic baking stone; heavy duty chrome plated serving rack and pizza cutter.  The pizza stone heats evenly so there are no hot spots and the porous surface will retain that heat while absorbing the extra moisture. To clean, simply rinse in warm water. So entertain your next guests with flawlessly baked, crispy or soft crusted pizza.  You can even use it to heat-up frozen pizza to perfection! Use and Care Instructions:
  • Preheat the stone in the oven and then slide the pizza onto the stone to cook.
  • When cooked, transfer the stone to the rack for serving.
  • To clean; Scrape off baked-on residue with a spatula.
  • Lightly scrub cooking surface with a soft brush and rinse with warm water.
  • Do not use detergent as this may leave a soapy taste to your food.
  • Allow baking stone to dry completely before using again.
  • Never put a hot baking stone in the freezer, under cold water OR over a naked flame.
  • Allow to cool down naturally.
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DESCRIPTION: 15" Jumbo Baking Stone Set
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DIMENSIONS: 1.75" x 16.50" x 16.37"
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