Djubi Spring Shot

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Djubi Spring Shot
  • ABS Plastic 50%, PP Plastic 30% EVA Foam 10% Latex 10%
  • Imported
  • Stack The Target Cups And Prove You Accuracy Skills By Knocking' Down One Cup At A Time, Or Launching Your Djubi Ball
  • The Spring Shot Was Designed To Make Launching Easy, Speed Inevitable And Improve Accuracy
  • Make Your Djubi Balls Quickly Accessible By Hanging Them On The Spring Shot Storage Hook
  • Set Includes 1 Spring Shot, 3 Djubi Small Balls, 3 Knock Down Cups
  • Stack the target cups and prove you accuracy skills by knocking' down one cup at a time, or launching your djubi ball
  • The Spring Shot was designed to make launching easy, speed inevitable and improve accuracy
  • Make your Djubi Balls quickly accessible by hanging them on the Spring Shot storage hook
  • Set includes 1 Spring Shot, 3 Djubi small balls, 3 Knock down cups
SKU: TY-150057
DESCRIPTION: Djubi Spring Shot
UPC: 6949105150057
DIMENSIONS: 3.25" x 13.00" x 10.00"
WEIGHT (lbs):