Barbie Digital Makeover

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Barbie Digital Makeover 

The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is an excellent toy for girls who are interested in playing with makeup but may be too young for the real thing. The unique digital technology allows users to give themselves a virtual makeover on screen. Designed for users ages 5 and up, the Barbie Digital Makeup set uses unique face-tracking technology to let young beauty enthusiasts enjoy a makeup-free makeover. Kids will love having their very own vanity setup complete with a hot pink mirror that features flower design embellishments at the top and the official Barbie logo in the lower left-hand corner. The mirror even includes six round lights that illuminate when the kit is being used. Three triple AAA batteries are required, and these can be purchased separately. Beneath the mirror is a console with all of the features and accessories your little diva will need to create her next look. This console comes complete with 34 different shades, representing all colors of the rainbow from red to violet. Users can choose their own eye shadow, lipstick, and blush shades. Glitter effects and predesigned looks are also available. Use the "erase" button to get rid of any minor mistakes or the "wash" option to start your look from scratch. The easy-to-use, light blue and white applicator wand features the recognizable Barbie logo and fits into an opening on the console. You won’t have to worry about it being accidentally lost when not in use. Designed specifically for the iPad and iPad mini, the Barbie Digital Makeover toy is quite simple for any tech-savvy user to operate. Simply download the free app onto your iPad from the Apple App Store to get started. Slide your iPad right into the mirror's frame. The included adapter will need to be used in order for the set to work with an iPad mini. The side lights will turn on once the device is in place, and the front-facing camera will recognize your beauty queen’s face and display it on the tablet’s screen as if she were looking into an actual mirror. Thanks to advanced virtual tracking technology, any applied makeup will move with the user’s face and change along with her facial expressions. She can even swap places with a friend to see what her designs look like on someone else. Save and scrapbook your favorite looks right through the app on your iPad. The camera button on the console will allow you to pose for a photo and capture a snapshot of your new style. Customize images with digital stickers and frames so that they’re ready to be shared with family and friends. The whole set weighs only 2.4 pounds, and the unit stands 12.8 inches tall. It’s ideal to be carried around on the go, and it's sure to be a popular toy at your child’s next slumber party. A perfect gift for creative kids, the Barbie Digital Makeup Mirror will let them bring their ideas to life. You can forget about any mess or cleanup. The makeover possibilities and hours of entertainment will be endless.


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