Anti-Fatigue Flooring Mat (4pk) - Camouflage

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4-Pk. Interlocking Camp Floor Tiles create clean, cushioned space, anywhere! These Camp Floor Tiles can be custom fit together to make a soft and insulating surface anywhere. Use them outside your RV or tent as a "patio," use them on your lawn or deck, use them indoors in a shop, garage or workout room. They're cushioning... if you stand on them a while you'll notice your feet and legs are less fatigued. These Tiles will floor you: They stand up to indoor and outdoor use with water-resistant con.
  • 61cm x 61cm ( 2' x 2' )
  • Also includes 8 boarder pieces

SKU: SG-03303
DESCRIPTION: Anti-Fatigue Flooring Mat (4pk) - Camouflage
CATEGORY: Seasonal
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DIMENSIONS: 1.87" x 25.00" x 25.00"
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