Wham-O Hover Ball (Blue)

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Hover Ball™ Now you can finally play soccer inside. This fun and funky Hover Ball™ glides across wood, tile, carpet and more like a magic floating hoover craft. The soft, and squishy design won’t bump, bang, or scratch surfaces, which makes it safe for indoor use. Super sliding technology allows the ball to keep moving without batteries, or breakable moving parts. Blue / Plastic/ Foam. 61/4”D x 31/2”H.
  • Hover Ball is the soccer ball that floats like magic and won't bump, scratch, or bang
  • Kick it and watch it glide across the room thanks to Super Slider Technology
  • Safe to play indoors
  • Works on carpet, tile, and wood
  • Measures 6" diameter
SKU: Wham-O Hover Ball (Blue)
DESCRIPTION: Wham-O Hover Ball (Blue)
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DIMENSIONS: 3.50" x 7.00" x 10.00"
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